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Brotherys - Balderdash

VA Brotherys - Balderdash


Purple Hexagon Records presents another powerful night psytrance collection result of the collaboration with freshly new label DJs Merry:) and sGary, representing Purple Hexagon Records in Germany and The Netherlands.

This collection of tracks shows the union of two brothers who joined forces and combined their very different energies to surprise the dancefloor. After experiencing together quite a few psychedelic adventures on dancefloors and camping grounds all over Europe, Merry :) and DJ sG4rY realised they have a special connection...like Brothers do :) Therefore, they have decided to serve you a tasty plate of musical fancy foods with their own special touch, some magical ingredient that might result in a spontaneous speaking-in-tongues or other forms of unexpected behavioral balderdash when blastering the dancefloor.

Brotherys Balderdash is the Yin Yang based way of the Brotherys' attitude to the psytrance scene; a straightforward approach free from the big ego attitudes so often witnessed these days cause hey, it?s still about fun and music, isn't it?

This compilation is a trip from day into the night, incorporating artists from all over the world with a wide wide range of sounds and sequences, ranging from deep and groovy Brazilian delicacies via British twisted and wobbly matters with a slightly Spanish taste in it and proceeding towards a Swiss kickshaw and some Italian peppered treats, finally exploding with a highly potent northern-German desert.

Join this balderdash and never lose your smile :)