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GaggalacktXVibes 2

GaggalacktXVibes 2


Purple Hexagon Records presents the second part of the GaggalacktXVibes series in collaboration with Gaggaalcka Festival Germany, Sangoma Records and Glitchy Tonic Records and is a FREE RELEASE!!!

Free music for free people! Freaky gathering for freaky people..

In 2016, the Gaggalacka festival is going to celebrate its big anniversary! Reason enough for us to invite all of you for an accoustic ride through the musical facets of the festival in form of this Compilation Trilogy. As the result of a collaboration with our favorite labels Sangoma Records, Purple Hexagon Records as well as Glitchy.Tonic.Records we will be able to offer you a comprehensive overview of all the varieties of psychedelic music that is being offered at a regular base during the 3-day-festival.

We managed to fill not less than 3 compilations on 3 labels and altogether more than 3 hours of what we consider a tasty pick of Psytrance, Twilight, Twisted, Psygressive and Forest, reaching out far into the more experimental sounds of PsyTechno, Glitch and Downbeats.

Partially, the tracks are contributions from upcoming artists who have played at Gaggalacka or been part of the currently running Gaggalacka Tour.

So keep your eyes and ears open for Psychedelic Sound Engineers of the future..

In addition, in the tracklists of 3 compilations you can discover few well-know names of the PsyTrance scene.


Part 1 @ Sangoma Records release date 7/3/2016
Timecode Bandcamp

Part 2 @ Purple Hexagon Records release date 25/3/2016
Purple Hexagon Records Bandcamp

Part 3 @ Glitchy Tonic Records
Glitchy Tonic Records Bandcamp

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