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Caveman - Event Horizon

Caveman- Event Horizon


After two very appreciated powerful ep. Caveman is ready to present his first album, a collection of 9 tracks specially built to bring you to a music realm from where it is hard to return.

First aroused by the strong night sound, your feet and ears will soon be dragged to a point at which the pull of the music becomes so great as to make escape impossible. Delivered to and at the mercy of this dark energy channel, you will be surprised to find relieving rays of light glowing along the path. Sparkles of day melodies springing from these powerful night tracks bring in hints of solar harmonic energy; suddenly, you'll have the impression to be dancing in broad sunlight, just to realise that it is only a musical illusion.

Do not underestimate the pull of this album, but don't be afraid by it either. Take off your shoes, shut your eyes and let yourself go into this trip, where there is no day or night and where daytime positive vibes complement the intensity of night melodies.