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In 1996, a new kind of music reached the ears of Turbulence Markkanen and caused him great inner turbulence. Although hailing from far in the north hemisphere, close to the Russian border -where finding good music was a major issue- he managed to get hold of the necessary technology and sounds to satisfy his increasingly curious mind.

Dj Turbulence


In 2008 Turbulence discovered psychedelic trance and there was no going back. The full audiovisual experience at underground parties, combined with the sense of unity and belonging experienced at these gathering events, acted like a magnet to him. His sound can be described as night and twisted full-on trance with a shamanistic and totemic flavour enriched with deep and grooving rhythms. According to the vibe, his sets get into floating morning progressive trance and also indulge in uplifting day full-on.

Turbulence is behind the legendary party organisation Bermuda, which is mainly known for organising parties during the beautiful Finland’s summers in a Slavic Ranch located in eastern Finland and next to the great lake Saimaa. He is also one of the main characters and founding members of the Aura crew, Turbu being the label manager, organisator and resident dj.

DJ Turbulence has played at many venues and events all over Finland, and internationally at Systo(Russia), Yaga Gathering (Lithuania), Transylvania Calling (Romania), Totally ResurrAction(Cambodia) as well as at smaller parties in Goa, Thailand, Russia, Romania, Cambodia, Slovakia and Lithuania.

In the beginning of 2013, Turbulence joined PURPLE HEXAGON RECORDS as a label dj.