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Abstract is Waham from Gili Air, a tiny shiny island in the Indonesian archipelago.

Dj Abstract


He discovered psytrance music in 2007, when Babacool and Psynoramix started to spread psytrance colorfoul sounds in the island by organising free parties.Abstract immediately fell in love with the music and started spinning at Legend Bar, where he met many international djs visiting the island and began to collect music and tips to improve his mixing technique.

The connection with Kikx and Purple Hexagon was immediate and inevitable. The two clicked and started collaborating right away. Abstract has been one of the major promoters of psytrance in Gili Air. His multi-task precious presence has been crucial for the success of legendary parties at Space Bar.

From building wonderful structures for the dj console, to designing amazing decorations and playing suitable tunes, Abstract has always been a master of creating the mood for peaceful, colourful and international psytrance parties. Over the years, Abstract has refined his spinning techniques and his sound is another means he uses to express his exceptional artistic talent. His music style reflects his personality: smiley, attentive to details and able to create a serene and psychedelic atmosphere!

Beside Gili Air, Abstract has played at secrets events around Lombok, at Home Club in Singapore and soon in other locations around Asia! Stay tuned to get the best Abstract sounds!

Abstract Interview @ Ozorian Prophet