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VA Gado-Gado

 VA Gado Gado


Purple Hexagon is proud to present the third release – GADO GADO.

Gado Gado is a traditional Indonesian & South-East Asian dish, consisting of a colorful mix of boiled vegetables, served with a spicy peanut sauce dressing. After boiling in the Hexagon’s pot, the ingredients collected by Dj Kikx & the Om Project crew are now combined together in a sharp & heady mix.

Purple Hexagon Records version of Gado Gado is an outstanding collection of night & twilight tracks selected among the work of present underground psytrance scene’s most significative artists. Starting with the new Samadhi & Dj Nirmal Project Trippy Trail, a galactic old school goa track made with the latest music production techniques, Gado Gado continues with futuristic music signed by Nukleall, Dust & Mole, prepares to esplode to Module Virus & Ghost Signal’s sound & then gives way to legendary Samadhi once again.

Russian master Dissociactive blows your mind with his newest epic production & opens the doors to Gado Gado’s spicy end: Pineal & Peace Ka’s twisted & funny sound! No sooner have you savoured Gado Gado’s aftertaste than you need to listen & dance to it over & over again.

Exactly like the dish of South-East Asian cuisine it takes its name from, this compilation will titillate your senses differently everytime you experience it.