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Naan (aka Giovanni Spadoni) is a multi-talented young musician based in Tuscany, Italy.



Naan has a background as a percussionist and has intensively studied many kinds of tribal and sacred rhythms from different parts of the world. He later started producing his own musical creations and today performs his various styles at events around the world as both a chill out and psytrance dj and through a variety of live bands.

His style mixes tribal rhythms, organic sounds, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers - all fused together with passion, enjoyment and love.

Naan is also part of Malatucada (a Batucada street band), Pendola Ensemble (a percussion based street band) and FlagFire (a juggling company where he is involved as musician/juggler). Last but not least, Naan plays around the world as Hang Drum and Didjeridoo player as well.

Naan' shows:

Psy Trance Dj:
With a full live set nearing completion, Naan continues to DJ a wide range of dancefloor-orientated psystrance ranging from 130 to 150 bpm. Naan ensures originality and uniqueness by including his own tracks in his sets, alongside his positive, uplifting and psychedelic tune selections.

Chill Out Dj:
A specialist ambient craftsman, Naan moves through many chill out sub-genres ranging from 65 to 140 bpm. Always delivering on time mixes, his live and DJ sets are suitable for any situation, with styles ranging from sleepy atmospheric to more uptempo.

Hang Show:
NAAN'S HANGVENURE Inspired by a long and blissful journey, Hangventure fuses Naan’s experiences with music, sharing with the listener the fruits and the flavours of his trip. Hangventure offers a magical journey through the frequencies sacred to Mother Earth: a liquid flow of music that moves freely through the soul and cleanses your heart.