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Luki is a young Italian Dj. His interest in electronic music began in 2004, when he started going to some events and later organizing small parties with his friend Zimo. 



Luki took his first steps as dj by mixing different sounds and soon discovered the world of psytrance music. This passion developed and in 2009, together with Alby and Alex, he founded Psytronic Crew and started organizing small parties in the Milan area, in collaboration with Moonlight Prj and Ayahuasca Family.

The quest for quality music and vibes developed in the following two years have resulted in the New Era Festival, an open-air party in the mountains in northern Italy, where many international djs and artists have performed and that this year celebrates its third edition. Luki likes to capture the dancefloor with a night style sound that goes from underground full-on to psychedelic-forest, but he's also very talented in keeping colourful and smiling vibes in the dancefloor with morning full-on until progressive music.

At the end of 2011 he played at Totally Resurrected Festival in Cambodia, the longest underground psytrance festival in Asia, having the opportunity to play with his friends Nukleall from Blacklite records and Kikx from Purple Hexagon as well as alongside many other international artists.

Luki keeps collaborating with different labels, Looney Moon and Blacklite records among others, whilst working on his own sound. This said,...the best is yet to come!


Luki Interview @ Ozorian Prophet