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Young and full-power, Djane Coguie is a bomb ready to blast on the most psychedelic dancefloors worldwide. Her talent and determination have already brought her to share the stage with internationally renown artists such as Rinkadink, Kindzadza, Logic Bomb, Scorb, Ocelot, Iguana - Naked Turist, Cosmo, Ace Ventura, Dick Trevor, H1N1, Stereopanic, Controlzeta and many others.

Djane Coguie


Originally from Portugal, this energetic girl started her project at the sweet age of 21 when she realized that her connection with music was too deep and powerful to just keep dancing someone else's melody. She needed to take the headphones and turn those knobs!

Characterized for creating a psychedelic dynamic sound journey loaded with powerful rhythms, in each set she thrives to spread the incontrollable her psychedelic musical essence to the rest of the dancefloor!