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Brotherys is a joint venture DJ project of DJ´s sG4rY and Merry:) - two Brothas from different Mothas. For a couple of years these two freaks and DJ´s have met periodically at parties, where both of them were invited to play their Dj-Sets. They quickly found out that they have a lot more in common than only their musical taste and after quite a few psychedelic adventures on dancefloors and camping grounds all over Europe as well as SouthEast Asia they realised that they have a special connection ... like Brothers do :)  

Dj`s Brotherys


The style characterising their Full Power„Ping Pong Show“ could be described as deep and funky PsyTrance at the pace of more or less 150 BpM, depending on what the dancefloors individually needs. Though, there’s one thing the listeners and dancers can be sure about: The music being played always activates several energy centers in your body, mind and soul, culminating in an outcome that is typically called Balderdash by both of the Brotherys ;)

In 2011 they have released their first together compilation: Brotherys Balderdash on Purple Hexagon Records and the continuation of the Balderdash series, which will definitely not stand behind the first issue, is already on its way. Be prepared to continue the journey into the Balderdash realms :-)

Merry:) is a fullblood PsyTrance freak from Dresden (East Germany) who loves to transfer his smile to the dancefloor. He is active as a DJ and as partyorganizer since 1998, slowly becoming an old rabbit in the scene ;). For many years he has organized parties and festivals in different sizes and different places or has cooperated with other projects. With his experiences and with the aim to preserve the true spirit that arose the Gaggalacka. This small festival based on its very special “Together Spirit” and takes place at every end of the summer season in the south of Germany since 2001. And it's an annual opportunity for him and his Gaggalacka family to invite artists and other interesting encounters to a common gathering. His other passion is the creating of compilations, as well as together with friends. He likes to tell a story with the tracks from his favorite artists.

sG4rY is constantly trying to discover and fuse different varieties of psychedelic music with the aim of overcoming musical boundaries. Combining the academical approach of anthropologically studying human culture and behaviour with the intuitive activity of dj-ing, he tries to to use his varied backgrounds for involving the crowd into a flow of certain feelings and sensations, sometimes humorous, sometimes gloomy or filled with deep emotions, while travelling the globe whenever time and money allows it. Travelling, connecting to people all over the world, and finding out about the different colorful facets of the Psytrance circus is one of the biggest passions sG4rY has found so far in his life. As he felt the urge to get involved by himself, he organized a few smaller parties around his current hometown Highdelberg in Southern Germany and is always happy to assist at bigger events in terms of booking consulting, promotion or whatever is required.

sG4rY and Merry:) like to travel with their music in order get to know new countries and their cultures, new mentalities, new people and their way to party. Of course their number one priority is it to rock new dancefloors.

In case you have not had the pleasure to listen to this more than explosive combination, you should seriously consider to do so within the nearest future, maybe even at your own event :))