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Metrix - Escape

Metrix - Escape EP


Purple Hexagon Records present the 2nd explosive Ep from Metrix : Escape

The Earth is coated in darkness. We dug too greedy and too deep on our search for more resources. Huge sismic activity resulted in severe volcanic outputs of smoke and dust which block the view towards the sky. Human society failed in construing the signs of a more and more imbalanced Earth. Although the awareness of our vulnerable environment was increasing day by day, the exploitation of our Earth proceeded. All efforts for a sustainable world were misleading, as they couldn’t detach the system of fossil energy sources but were used as an addition to gain more energy for an unlimited system of expansion. The only way out is to escape.

Escape tells the dramatic story of an attempt to leave a world that is ripe for demolition, hoping that something is out there that is well-disposed towards us.