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is Tom Armstrong, originally from London but based mostly in Thailand and Sri Lanka. DJing for over 15 years, his pumping, positive and deeply-psychedelic sound ignites dancefloors wherever he plays. 

Dj Suddha


A label DJ for the infamous Phar-Psyde Records, Tom discovered psytrance through the UK underground scene and has sporadically played across England including Glade Festival, Noztock Festival, Waveform Festival, Tribe of Frog and countless nightclubs, outdoor parties and squat parties.

Tom has also played throughout Thailand - a place that has had a huge and defining influence on his sound and taste(buds). In the early days, he was a resident of Koh Pha Ngan's Zoom Bar and a founder resident DJ of the Half Moon Parties. Memorable Thailand gigs over the years also include The Experience Festival (Koh Tao), Black Moon Party, Ban Sabai & Full Moon (Koh Pha Ngan), Smiling Land (Koh Larn), Culture One Festival, Son Kran Festival, Astra, Cafe Democ, EZZE, Glow, Rain Dogs, The Club, Bubble & Overstay (all Bangkok). Tom is also a core member of Bangkok's trippy 'Ooze Bar' collective and has been the source of many a magical moment at the legendary Moon Mountain gatherings on the lake of Kanchanaburi, where he has played regularly since 2004. He recently also played the emerging party destinations of Cambodia and Malaysia.

After numerous parties in Asia with Kikx and many of the Purple Hexagon DJs, he finally joined the label in 2013.

A DJ for any time of night or day, Tom is a passionate proponent of many diverse facets of the psychedelic genre and the curator of a hugely varied array of sounds and styles. Look out for his infectious music, cheeky smile and dodgy English sense of humour behind the decks or under a table at a knees-up near you soon...


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