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KIKX is a smiling dj from Italy who has been exploring electronic music and dancefloors since 1994.

Dj Kikx


At the beginning of the century, he focussed on psytrance music and started djing and organising parties in Italy. In 2008 started his own label: Purple Hexagon Records, with the aim to promote the music and to collaborate with the artists he had been playing in his dj sets. He has been living in Southeast Asia for the past 6 years, spreading good vibes and powerful sounds around him.

Thanks to the union of energies of friends met around the world, Purple Hexagon Records is becoming one of the most appreciated labels for the promotion of underground psytrance music.

With time, KIKX has built up and broadened his music knowledge and interests, which today include different styles of psytrance as well as delightful selection of downtempo and techno oriented beats.


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