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VA Quantum Animism

 VA Quantum Aninmism


As an irrepressible electrical flow, Quantum Animism hits and drags listeners into a powerful music current crafted by Gelika from the duo Insane Creatures. Delivering a sound that carries the spirit of London psytrance underground scene, this compilation channels multiple inputs originating from a universal concept of life..

Quantum Animism features the music of veteran producers like Terranoise, Paralocks and EVP, combined with new and upcoming artists in the scene such as Isochronic, Conundrum, Loose Connection, Illustrator, Insane Creatures, Skyhighatrist and Ataro. The works are worldwide collaborations with artists from South Africa, Morocco, England, Spain, Brazil, Iran and more. As you enter this twisted realm, do not put any resistance and let nighttime psychedelic sounds blow your mind away!