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Psy-Mr. Aka Roy Saporito, is an Italian producer who started his music career as an apprentice Dj for the local radio when he was just 13 y.o.

Liveact Psy-Mr.


He soon discovered l techno/electronic parties and start spinning in clubs. In 2001 he left that environmnent for goa psytrance music and started playing at many parties in Northern Italy, where the scene was very lively. His passion for music, dance and fun brought him to play to neighbouring Switzerland as well.

Playing with renown national and international Live acts since 2007, Psy-Mr started his own project in 2011, raising from humble beginnings to a very sought after project that keeps growing. Since then, Psy-Mr has released tracks with Shamanic Records, Eleusys Rec, Creative Jungle Rec and Dreamproject Records and in 2012 he started a new project with his friend Caveman.

In 2013 he presented his new live set and joined Visionary Shamanics Records.

Psy-Mr., is now working on his ep with Purple Hexagon Records to be released in 2016.

Psy-Mr. Interview @ Ozorian Prophet