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Odd (Dj Oddicon) is Purple Hexagon Records’ connection to the Malay psy-trance scene and movement.

Dj Oddicon


Dj Oddicon, also known as Odd, is a Dj, event promoter and organizer, venue decorator and door bitch from Malaysia.

Founder of Altered Visions renown psychedelic night in Kuala Lumpur, he joined Purple Hexagon Records in 2012. Since he first discovered and connected to Psytrance music when still in high-school, Odd has explored the different facets and psytrance music and culture has to offer, travelling across Asia and the world to get more and more involved in Psytrance global community. He made his first steps as a Psytrance Dj in early 2008, and has ever since promoted, organized and taken part in many underground parties and festivals, hosting several quality underground international Djs and live act .With Purple Hexagon Records and in collaboration with Dj Suddha, in 2015 he compiled “Deep Purple”, his first VA, an intense journey through some of the most active pumping psy producers of these years.

Strongly believing in the power of communities’ connections and exchanges, Odd is a versatile dj who has built and channeled his passion for music around the development of a movement within which he grew and found himself. This belief has driven his journey into psytrance music from the start and keeps motivating him as he navigates in exploring his inner soul and the world.

Able to master different music styles with attention and care to the mood of the dancefloor, Dj Oddicon has been recently focusing collecting more powerful groovy twilight, hybrid with beautiful trippy forest sound in tune with Purple Hexagon’s style.


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