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Oberon is a project by Stathis T., born in Corfu in 1964



Stathis T. started getting involved with professional music in the 1980s, when he studied sound engineering and worked in several studios and live concerts. Later, he got into djing, playing new and dark wave music and mixing it with more experimental sounds.

After a magic trip to Goa in 1991 he started playing psychedelic trance and in 1995 he was organizing indoors and outdoors events under the name Uforica and Space Alchemy. In 2007 he started producing his own sounds, mixing his Goa/old school influences with fresh psytrance elements and modern production.

Since December 2009 he has been playing for Neurotrance records and in February 2012 he established Space Alchemy Lab free music netlabel together with Dj Sunborn, while keeping mastering and doing cover artwork for several artists too.

Oberon Interview @ Ozorian Prophet