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Mademoiselle Vitale

For this woman it is "Vitale" to be nourished with music. Multiple variations of musical genres have shaped her - creating a balanced appreciation for individual tracks - which shines bright through her mixing style.

Dj Mademoiselle Vitale


Her friend, DJ Yuka, introduced her to renown Producer Yan Synthetic Chaos who was quickly swept away by what was before him - refreshing sound, beautiful sights and a steadfast passionate energy to bring all on the dance floor together.

It was a matter of time until Mlle. Vitale became hooked on Psytrance. She unleashed her magic in New York - bringing her first dedicated Psytrance-only set to the Radial Engine Tribe in May, 2013, which branded her among friends as "Made in the U.S.A".

That special electric magic was shared alike, with both the dancers and the DJ. The emotions and the vibe were transporting and inspiring - developing an inner need for Mademoiselle Vitale to weave deep levels of imagination and inspiration in her sets, which is a true reflection of her spirit.

Mademmoiselle Vitale Interview @ Ozorian Prophet