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Simone Barletta, aka Ganpati, is an Italian Dj.

Dj Ganpati


He started playing vinyl at a very early age and, after digging into techno and progressive, he fell in love with psytrance music. In 2005 he discovered Pixan Recordings and soon started collaborating with them and exploring psytrance music more deeply.

This music exploration brought Ganpati to travel across Asia; in 2006 he played in Kho Pangan at Black Moon, Full Moon, Half Moon and Shiva Moon parties and then he moved to Nepal, where he started to collaborate with Katmandu underground crews. He met Purple Hexagon label manager Kikx at Shanti Jatra Festival 2008.

Ganpati currently plays in Purple Hexagon Records and Pixan Recordings and organises parties. His selection of music is inspired by his continue research around the world and his music style spans across dark prog, zenonesque, twilight, hi-tech, darkpsy and downtempo.