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Involved in underground electronic culture since he can remember, Xuranium Gyom, aka Walter Guillaume, started mixing Acid-Trance ,Goa-Trance,Asian-beat, Jungle and Drum'n Bass in 1994 .



After a great deal of party decoration and mixing and after intense travelling to cities like London, Amsterdam,Paris and Tokyo, where he breathed alternative and underground cultures, in 1999, at the age of 20, Xuranium decided to follow his own musical vision and start the long electronic music composition learning process.

The Xuranium project is characterised by deep, coloured and powerful psytrance music that draws inspiration from different kinds of energy. Nature, life, consciousness, dreams and reality as well as world cultures and human beings have shaped Xuranium’s unique music. All these influences can be recognized in this sound; generally composed by a dark, thick and fast baseline over which acidlines and abrasive or melodic leads are rolling as if they were on fire, it is adorned by organic spirals and metallic textures floating around ethereal pads. Time to time, ethno vocals, world instruments and natural ambient sounds are added, providing this musical potion with a touch of mystery, spirit and shamanic wilderness.

Like an electronic gardener, Xuranium constantly nurtures this strange and magical plant and is very happy to share its fruits and flowers with hungry listeners!