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Metrix - a purveyor of powerful and heavy psychedelic experiences - kicks you out of your everyday life and shoots you directly into an unprecedented universe of dark matter and sizzling energy.

Liveact Metrik


Basslines as growling as at archaic times when planets were crashing, leads as heavy as the riffs of a metal guitarist and atmospheres as deep as a monk's meditative state, promise to turn the dancefloor into a playground of psychedelic madness. The mind behind Metrix is Kilian Aregger, grown up in a musical family at the bottom of the Swiss Alps. Influenced by his father's affinity to music and computers, together with Kilian's own big interest in electronic music, he ended up in front of keyboards, turntables and synthesizers at an early age. After his first attendance at a bigger psytrance festival in Switzerland, his fate was sealed - he wanted to become an electronic music composer. The project Metrix was born. Always aiming for that unique and powerful sound, he defies people to dance with him through his live sets.

Kilian has been a very active member of the psychedelic community since 2014 and is therefore no stranger to the dancefloors around the globe. Though he loves playing in nightclubs and festivals, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of producing tunes. As a pianist and mastering engineer, he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically. He is also very dedicated to helping newcomers to become better producers.

"For me, it's all about the evolvement of a powerful sound that galvanizes people and expands their consciousness. Music allows me to express what I cannot describe with words."


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